Welcome to ETA

Stop guessing and start driving.

ETA provides you accurate arrival times and optimal routes based on current traffic conditions, using America's most accurate and high-resolution network of real-time and predictive traffic data.

It is super easy to use and at our new rate of $1.99 it is much cheaper than traditional GPS applications like the $119.88 AT&T Navigator app or $99.00 TomTom app or even the $69.99 Navigon app.
If you commute or are on the road a lot this app is for you! App Store

ETA automatically finds all airports within 90 miles and gives you arrival times to each one from your current location. It also allows you to save personal destinations - such as work, home, grandma's, the beach, etc. and see up-to-date arrival times for each of those locations.

"Got to JFK on time, despite Manhattan traffic"      Joe Z.      
"I bought this app because I'm always on the road for work. And just last week it totally paid for itself. It told me there were major traffic delays so I got on the road early and thankfully DIDN'T miss my flight. It saved me the $100 change fee and 3 hours of waiting around for the next flight. Thanks!"