Airport ETA


ETA was designed and developed by Whisper Navigation LLC, a privately held company based in New York City. The team consists of engineers, entrepreneurs and venture investors who are looking to use new technologies to develop innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Our first product, ETA was born out of a universal frustration -- TRAFFIC! There are few things more annoying and downright stress inducing than sitting in traffic. After surveying the market and realizing how limited the options are for real-time traffic avoidance the Whisper Nav team spent months re-thinking the problem and came up with this innovative mobile application. No more fiddling with the radio or checking out webcams to divine what might be the best route to get where you're going. With ETA you get accurate arrival times and optimal routes based on current traffic conditions, using America's most accurate and high-resolution network of real-time and predictive traffic data. ETA harnesses the power of a network of almost one million vehicles that act as GPS probes, driving the roads and reporting real-time traffic conditions.

We feel even better about our application because it not only helps drivers but is also good for the environment. It is estimated that nearly 30% of US oil consumption and CO2 emissions are from passenger cars. Sitting in traffic, idle, burning gas and adding to air pollution isn't helping anyone. With ETA you get where you're going while wasting less gas, saving time and helping the environment.

Thanks for purchasing our application. Stop guessing and start driving.

Feel free to send us feedback at feedback [at] airporteta [dot] com App Store